Account Manager for the customer Barclaycard (Barclays Bank PLC).

Re-launch of the complete German Visual Identity according to the UK guidelines.

Corporate Identity

Delivering new concepts, designs and part of the programming for the server

Marketing materials

Additional consulting and organisation of credit card design, mailings and promotion materials like flyer and display.

Application process in 1-2-3 steps / UX

Developing new strategies and campaigns for the loan division, focusing on the web application process. Simplification and optimisation – from 5 steps to 3 simple steps for better conversions


Concepts and design of all landing-pages and advertising formats (affiliate banner) for all credit card products.


  • CI Online / Offline for the German market
  • Credit Card Design
  • Application concept online
  • Application offline materials
  • Landingpages
  • Ad Banner


  • more applications
  • award for TV spots in UK